Sunday, April 25, 2010

Three Goats, Three Alpacas, Two Swarms, One Livestock Guardian Dog, and a Fetus

I have several farm updates! I planned on blogging last week, but I got sick with a gallbladder issue and spent the last part of the week throwing up, going to the ED, and eating a liquid diet. (By the way, I promised myself I would not mention poop or vomit anymore in my posts, but here I go again, sorry). So, the good news is that I have lost a few pounds over the past few days. I was starting to get a little big around the middle. So here are the things that have happened around here over the past two weeks.


Glenn was working in my parents' greenhouse last week, when he heard a swarm of bees fly into one of their oak trees. Glenn excitedly called me, so I rushed home from work to help him capture the swarm that landed 15-20 feet off the ground. I didn’t do much but take pictures and curse when the swarm landed on my head under the tree, but I can’t miss an opportunity to watch a swarm removal. Glenn went up the ladder countless times to collect all of the bees. The bees are satisfied with their new home and now live in our front yard.


The three alpacas, dog and goat have all managed to work out their differences and seem to live in peace with each other. Our goat, Leche, thinks she is an alpaca, and has been seen grazing, sleeping and frolicking with the alpacas. When Lotta gets a little too rough for her, she runs to the alpacas for defense and they actually seem to take care of her. You can see Leche in the shelter eating with the alpacas, while Lotta is forced to stay outside.

Occasionally, Lotta will do something silly, like wake Mic up from a nap. Below Mic is giving Lotta a good warning spit in the face.


We decided to have an ultrasound this time around for some peace of mind (mine, mostly), but we did not find out the sex of the baby. Both grandmas came to the appointment as we were lucky enough to schedule it when Glenn’s parents were in town visiting. Here is a peek at her profile. Glenn is already claiming she looks like him. He’s probably right, Oliver was born looking like a miniature version of him (and that’s a good thing; Glenn is pretty cute).


Glenn brought home the new babies! We have been working with them, trying to get them on the bottle, but the male in particular seems to like eating alfalfa instead. Here are both Grandmas, each holding a new baby goat. In the second picture we are attempting to lure them back to the house with an alfalfa “carrot.”


The annual Wildflower bike ride rode through again this year. As usual we woke up early to cheer on the bicyclists. Our alpacas and goats were quite a hit. Oliver served as the alpaca guide, taking photographs with the bicyclists and alpacas, and correcting people when they called Remmy or Mic a llama.


Yesterday I heard a loud buzzing sound in the back under the oak trees. It turned out to be a swarm in action. I have only seen swarms once they have settled onto a tree, so this was a real treat for me. The air was thick with bees. It was beautiful! Just look at how many bees were in the air at the time of the swarm.


  1. Even the talk of vomit and poop can't scare me away. I love the pictures of the baby goats! Especially the one with Oliver. Hope you're not losing too much weight, as I'm sure Baby BB wouldn't be a fan. Can't wait to see you all in June!

  2. I know poop and vomit can't scare you Andrea! I remember your passion about draining cysts and other gross nurse things. I'm excited about the Nipomo flower festival in June (and seeing you guys, too!)

  3. Greetings Jessica! Thanks for stopping by, and I see that I'm not the only one dealing with a swarm lately! I just wish Glenn was around with the ladder when mine went up the pine tree. I have to admit I am terrified of heights, so all I could do is wish the bees well. Glad to see te farm is doing well and things are settling down. And congrats on the new babe coming along. I noticed you said Glenn claims "she" already looks like him, so maybe it is a girl. My dad was hoping that I was going to be a girl since they already had two boys. When my Mom went into labor, the doctor just knew I would be a girl too. But my Mom told me that as soon as I arrived, and the doc saw the plumbing, Doc Forbes said, "Awww, its another boy. But he's a pretty little boy!" My mother has told that story to my humiliation all my life! Darn, now I'm even telling it! Oh well, stay well and talk soon!

  4. So, Glenn (or you both?) think it's a girl? I am keeping the color neutral for the afghan so whatever the sex is, it will be perfect!
    There is always so much going on in your neck of the woods. The baby goats are just too cute and I love the pic with Oliver almost kissing the goat ;-)
    I would have been one of those people mistaking an Alpaca for a Llama because most people just don't know the difference - but it sounds like Oliver enjoyed his position as tour guide for the day! Isn't it amazing how animals can get people together and often melt the coldest heart? It's wonderful you are raising your familiy in such a loving environment. I must thank you for that in behalf of humankind. It's so comforting for me to know that there are people like you in the world and not just hardcore, materialistic types.
    I have never, ever seen such a big swarm of bees in my life...and now, do they life on your property? ... or did they fly away?