Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oliver and Mommy's Day at the Beach

Ninety degree weather and women in the seventh month of pregnancy do not mix. I feel like a sloth in this weather, moving slowly from one resting place to another. Glenn had to work today, so Oliver and I decided to have a Mommy/Son day at the beach. I considered packing my book in the beach bag, but quickly remembered these one on one days are numbered. I made it my mission to focus only on Oliver today as he will be sharing virtually every "Mommy" moment with another starting sometime in the next ten weeks. We packed up the car and said "later" to all the animals and headed to cooler weather.

As usual, Oliver had me laughing all day. His ability to make friends with strangers amazes me. Oliver is a bit more scared to approach kids because they often do not share his willingness to be fast friends. Oliver slowly built up the courage to show these girls his boat. You can see his smug expression as he proudly walked back to our towel. I think the girls liked his boat.

Walking the pier with Oliver also cracked me (and everyone walking by) up. Oliver's legs were shaking and he said "scary step" each time he walked over a crack in the boards. He was convinced (like many kids) that he would fall in. Somehow we made it back to the beach without slipping through the cracks.

Although I can't wait to meet my new baby, I am trying to appreciate this short time in my life while my son is still my one and only.


  1. Have a good holıday,I hope you have pass enjoyable time,best wishes.

  2. Ahhh, Jess! You and Oli are so lucky that you've been to the beach! Like you, I live in a coastal state and should be at the beach often. Well, I used to, but haven't been this year -- and I'm missing it something awful. That's okay, I have a full nine days set aside in September! You both look as if you had a great time and looks like Oli is working the ladies already! I'll bet Glenn says he takes after his dad, haha! Best of luck! -Mark

  3. Wonderful photos, Jess. I'm glad you left the book behind. Oliver and you look so happy! What a wonderful day you had. God bless you both :-)

  4. How sweet to have a day together.

    Tell Oliver that I found a silky spider egg sack and it hatched yesterday with tiny spiders crawling out and making webs.

  5. That is so sweet! I love his little smirk after showing off his boat. He's going to be such an awesome big brother :)

  6. Having two also, I remember just where you are at in your pregnancy. And we'd escape to the beach too up here. I am just glad this summer is a cool one relatively speaking, and I'm not even pregnant!

    ps. I know that boardwalk!! :) It's fun to watch the surfers on the north side.