Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Banjo Bigalow: Goat Gigolo

As a nurse-midwife, I spend much of my time at work counseling teens about the physical perils of unprotected sex: unintended pregnancy and infections. Imagine my shock and dismay when I pulled into the driveway and noticed multiple teens engaging in risky sexual behavior, right in the front pasture. Banjo, with his smooth black coat and long spotted ears, has swept our neutered male goat and two female goats off of their feet. When Oliver screamed happily, "I see his penis!", I knew it was time to separate the goats. There will be NO teen pregnancies-not on THIS farm.

Glenn decided to put Banjo together with the only animal he would be unable to hump: Pumpkin. Pumpkin was overwhelmed with excitement to have a new companion. It took Banjo several hours before he decided he liked sharing his space with Pumpkin. Now the two are enjoying the benefits of bachelorhood together: late nights in the dog house, mid afternoon wrestling, and just chilling without any distraction from the ladies.


  1. As funny as this story is, and it is funny the way you have shared it, I see a match made in heaven between these two! Your glorious Pumpkin reminds me of my old pit Augustus (Gus for short). I got a bit teary-eyed just now. *sigh*
    Many Blessings!

  2. LOL! What a funny post. I am amazed that the boys get along so well.

  3. I love the pictures and you can see how happy Pumpkin is, especially in the last photo where his tail's wagging so fast, it's leaving a funny!

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  4. P.S.
    Jess, is Pumpking the dog you always had? Do you still have your other dog that you got especially for protecting your alpacas?


  5. They look so happy together! Do they both sleep in the dog house?

  6. That's adorable! I love the doghouse- did Glenn build that?

  7. Thanks!

    We have had Pumpkin for almost three years. He showed up on our doorstep one morning. We still have Lotta. She lives with the other goats and alpacas.

    Pumpkin usually sleeps with us in our bedroom, but it makes the goat cry, so they sleep together in the dog house. The dog house came with the property.

  8. Very funny post! :) Made me smile for real.

  9. I once arrested a guy who was walking down the road walking a goat on a leash! Yes, a leash. When I put the handcuffs on the guy and put him in the back seat, I heard something making a lot of racket, and found the goat on top of my patrol car! So here I am with a guy under arrest and a goat on my car and every car that rode by pointed and laughed! Our animal contro came and picked the goat up and took him back where he belonged on a nearby farm -- and I hauled the guy to jail. Its funny now but wasn't then. Banjo reminds me of that goat! Funny how things take you back in of goats!