Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Romantic Anniversary: A Vigorous Erection and Hours of Pickling

Yesterday Glenn and I celebrated six happy years of marriage. To honor the occasion, we spent the day getting "farm chores" done, then had an excellent evening together getting foot massages and having dinner out on the town.

Glenn's big project this weekend was erecting his guinea fowl roost. We wanted the guineas to be close to the garden and the front pasture to keep bugs and snakes away from the places where we spend most of our time.

Oliver and Glenn spent a long time thinking about how to most easily get the roost up without getting hurt. Glenn decided Oliver and I were pretty worthless, so he asked Grammy and Pop to come over to help.

Glenn put on the final touches on the roost and I decided to check out the guinea fowl view. Not bad.

Finally, after two hours, Glenn was fully erect and boy was he proud!

Here is a picture of one of the guinea hens. She is at the awkward teenager stage, but you can see how pretty her coloring will be.

We wanted to hang out and admire his erection all day, but we knew we had a big pile of cucumbers waiting for us inside. Our excellent neighbors donated all of these cucumbers to us in exchange for some pickles. After our jam experiment we were ready to take on more canning.

Glenn filled the jars with fresh dill and other spices. He really had to study the directions as making pickles is slightly more difficult than making jam.

My job was to cram the cucumbers tightly into the jars. The sad thing about this picture is that this is my attempt at making a "sexy" face. It is a wonder how I ever got pregnant.

The final product: eight jars of pickles! We will have to wait two to three weeks to try them. Pickle photograph by Glenn.


  1. Mmm... You know how I like a good, firm pickle! We've got a bunch of cucumbers from our garden here- do you think you could post the recipe so that Andy and I could try to replicate Glenn's spicy pickle? We have a really plump sausage recipe Andy could send in return if you'd like. Just let me know and I'll send you a picture of Andy's
    sausage to help you decide.
    Where was that line?;)
    Happy anniversary B-Bs! Your wedding feels like just
    yesterday! And my eyes bug out when I'm trying to be sexy to. Maybe that's my problem?:)

  2. WOW! Jess, I can see that Glenn is most proud of his erection and see that he's standing tall with his head held high! I have to give him credit that it looks rather rigid, and no matter how much blowing goes on, it will never sink low. Okay, now that I've added to this insane post, and reading it made me really laugh out loud, I'm through! Give the boys my best and tell them good job!

  3. Thank you Mark-that was awesome. You really made me laugh!

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  5. Yeah, well, you were really teetering on the edge with your wording there, Jess. No wonder you are very sought after by the V....a company (don't want to spell anything to encourage them even more.) Your come-hither-look is a bit on the scary side, but that's ok, obviously something worked, judging by that belly of yours. I LOVE pickles! I can't wait to find out how you like them.