Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pearl's Charmed Life

I had to go to work early on Friday, so Glenn took both of the kids to the dairy to milk sheep (Glenn works at a dairy during the spring and summer).  I was thinking on my way to work what an interesting life Pearl leads (my fantasy life, actually).  I wanted to milk a farm animal for at least 25 years before I had the chance, and here was Pearl at seven months, milking 84 sheep.  What a lucky girl!  Then later, when I told my coworker what my children were up to, she looked at me like milking sheep was a gross thing to do.  Can you imagine?  I thought about it more on the way home.  Pearl might be living my perfect existence, but she is just living her regular, old, normal life.  All of these adventures are just a way of life for her and it will probably take years for her to really appreciate them.  Here are some of the adventures Pearl has had this week:

1  First Asparagus!
Glenn noticed the first asparagus peaking out from under the soil last week.  We watched it every day, waiting for that perfect moment to harvest it.  It survived chickens, dogs and gophers and it had one more day to grow.  Then the poor asparagus met Oliver.  Oliver came running in the house yelling, "I found the most awesomest asparagus for Pearl!  She will love it!"  In his dirty hands was our first green vegetable.  Pearl really did love it.  She is now a huge fan of asparagus.  

2.  Goat Riding
I think the photograph speaks for itself.  Hopefully this will convince Glenn we need a pony.

3.  Pasture Camping
We haven't had a chance to go camping since Pearl was born, so we thought it would be fun to put up the tent in the front pasture.  Here is Pearl watching the Discovery Channel on our flat screen TV.
Pearl and Oliver lounged and played in the tent for hours.  Oliver is spinning with Pearl in the picture below.

4.  Raising Chickens
The chicks have been a source of hours of entertainment.  We moved them into their newest home yesterday.
5.  Hiking with Oliver
Oliver wanted to show Pearl "Golden Pond" this morning, so we put on our hiking shoes and walked to the back of the property.  The wildflowers, frogs and lizards are out and the stream was flowing.  It made for a beautiful walk.

They finally made it to Golden Pond!
I'm sure one day riding on goats and hiking will get old for Pearl.  Her fantasy life may be in the big city or in some other country, who knows.  I just hope when Pearl becomes an adult she will feel the same way about her childhood as Glenn and I feel about our own: it was happy and filled with love.  I know that kind of life is possible in any setting.  


  1. Nice to be here - watching your family enjoying my ideal life style...but I can't complain. I've lived in the country and had a relatively idyllic childhood myself with nature, animals and family to love me.

    Pearl is just the cutest thing - I especially loved her laying on her tummy in that tent - she looked so precious. I wish I were in there watching your "nature channel" and the chickens. That looks like a lot of fun to me too. Do you have any cats, Jess? I've never noticed...and if not, why don't you get any strays? We are overloaded with them and one killed a Cardinal this morning because my neighbor has a bird feeding station - and I just fed that cat....

    I thought that was the name of your blog anyway - what has changed?

    In any case, so good to see Oliver doing well and happy in all those lovely photos. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I always said that you are leading my perfect life.

  2. Dang. Awesome pictures and even cuter kids! It's gonna be funny to look back at this if she becomes some high-power corporate attorney that doesn't have time to cook, let alone grow food! We'll still love her just as much, though. Can't wait to see you in May!

  3. I'm just getting a chance to catch up on the "new" blog... I'm with you- Pearl's life is pretty darn ideal! That was a nice big asparagus for first of the Spring- nice work big brother Oli! Pearl is so adorable and I can't wait to see the two of you in May either!

  4. Thanks Doris! The new blog has a different name. I posted a link to the old blog at the top of the page. We have two cats. See the post above! :)

    E and A: So looking forward to Boston!