Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sadness on the Farm

Country living isn't always perfect.  Some days are glorious and others can be tragic and difficult.  Unfortunately, we had a tragic day yesterday.  I got home from work last night at seven and noticed Serio was separated from the group in the shelter.  I handed Pearl off to my dad, grabbed my birthing supplies and ran out with Oliver to check on Serio.  I took this picture right as we entered the shelter and the flash helped me see that the baby was coming out breech.

Her body was limp, so I immediately started pulling her out.  I did a full neonatal resuscitation, but could not manage to bring her back.  Glenn and I think she may have died in the birth canal about a half hour before I got home.  I sat in the shelter with Oliver and Serio and cried.  We don't have any cute, frolicking kid pictures to share with you this morning; just one of a mom saying goodbye to her doe.

Thank you all for entering the contest.  I'm so sorry it didn't turn out the way I was expecting.  Congratulations to Jenny for getting closest to the due date.  I will send you your lip balm in honor of Serio Junior (named by Oliver).

I don't want you to leave this blog completely sad, so I will close with some pictures of our chicks.  Oliver and Glenn are showing the difference in size between our fancy chicks and our meat chickens.  These chicks are the same age, if you can believe it.

Pearl is developing some self control and can now enjoy the chicks without trying to squeeze them!


  1. That is so sad! And yet, such a real farm experience for Oliver. I'm happy to hear that Serio made it throught the pregnancy alright, because there's always the potential for another try. The last pic of Pearl and the chick definitely helps me see the beauty in our sometimes tragic world. I can't wait to meet her and see you in person later this month!

  2. Oh, what a sad, sad development. My heart aches for Serio - to have to say goodbye instead of hello! I know it happens all the time, but that's something one never gets used to. Is she very depressed? Is she eating? What a sad Mother's Day that turned out to be.

    I hope you will have a lovely Mother's Day tomorrow, Jess, enjoying it with your lovely family. I bet you are so relieved to have Oliver home and over that ordeal...your Pearl is just that photo of her with the chick!

    All the best and God bless you - your family and the animals!

  3. Thanks Andrea and Doris. She was pretty depressed and crying today. We called the vet and asked about the crying and she said she just misses her baby. We went to the local dairy and brought home a replacement baby (just to borrow), but she wasn't interested in him. She did stop crying after that though!

  4. I am absolutely heartbroken for you and for Serio. We are thinking of you and your family (and Serio) here in Utah.