Friday, January 16, 2009

First inspection of our beginner hive!

1/09/09 Jess and I met a very nice man named Steve from King Honey in Atascadero. We were purchasing some beeswax for our lip balm. We started talking about bees and if he had any in his yard. To our surprise he did, they were in cardboard boxes. He is a swarm collector for SLO County. Steve was talking about how he needed to find homes for them soon or they would parish in the cold. With that said we purchase one and started our beekeeping adventure a few months early.

1/10/09 At 5:30pm we drove the truck to King Honey and picked up our new bees. I put on my protective gear and watched the bees go into their new home. Oliver and Jess walk around looking at the full moon and snapping pictures of the transfer. We found out our bees were a swarm rescued from the airport.

1/16/09 We opened our new hive today, six days after they were introduced to their new home. Everything looks great, three frames are completely developed with honey combs. No capped brood yet but there are open ones. Queen looks health and very large compared to the rest of the hive. Did not see any visible mites but did not look to closely this time being it was my first ever inspection (very thrilling). Started mite treatment with a wintergreen mineral patty. ~Glenn

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  1. Wonderful! Thank God for the Bees....they might not need us but we sure need them. Can't wait to try your lip balm. -Sunny Bower