Sunday, January 25, 2009

Second Inspection

I made a brief inspection of the hive today to see how much of the grease patty was consumed by the bees. They had eaten 1/3 of the patty in one week. We will see if it will take three weeks to completely consume it.

The hive is expanding to more than four frames. Last week the bees were only on three frames. I also noticed that there are capped comb. We did not disturb the central frames where the queen is located due to the chill in the air. We did pull out one of the outer frames.

This is the frame that has new construction on it. You can see the capped honey on the top (white). The middle is completed comb (but empty). At the bottom is comb under construction.

Jessica took this picture of the inner frame when I took out the other frame. It is wall to wall bees with a lot of capped storage for brood and honey.

This is Oliver being very cute! He will be the bees best friend.


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  1. That is great! Looks like your bees are doing well. Thanks for beeing a beekeeper!