Saturday, May 9, 2009

Glenn's Garden

I take no credit for the wonderful vegetables growing in our front yard. Glenn and Oliver have planted nearly every seed, watered every plant and pulled every weed. We moved into our house about a year ago. The place where our garden now grows used to be fill dirt, plastic, rocks and ugly pompous grass. Glenn wasted no time moving out rocks and moving in sheep and horse manure. By June of last year, Glenn had a small vegetable garden growing. This year we have already eaten peas, artichoke, beets and chard from the garden.

This first shot is of the garden in June 2008.

Glenn put in an irrigation system this year which saves him several hours a week. This is our garden in March 2009.

April 2009

May 2009

On a side note, I found this lizard living in our artichoke plant eating ants. Oh, how I love reptiles!



    Congrats to Glenn on his garden. It looks wonderful! I love reptiles too as well as lady bugs and dragonflies and, of course, our beloved bee. Have you seen many in your garden?

    I wish I could grow one. I'm a vegetarian and adore fresh fruits and veggies. Luckily, I found a couple of Farmer's Markets where I can purchase locally grown produce.

  2. Great garden Glenn! Hopefully we'll have one soon, but if only we could grow artichokes!!! I should come visit before the season ends...:)

  3. I agree...since ever I moved to GA I've not been able to get decent artichokes anymore...and I miss them!

  4. I'm jealous that you have lizards. In Canada we have a few neuts that are really hard to find.