Sunday, May 17, 2009

Snake Update

Look who we found today. When Oliver heard that our snake was out in the garden he made sure to put his snake boots on. We strive for safety in this family. Here is Oliver showing me the snake ("Snakiss").

Otter (our cat) finally noticed Snakiss and jumped a mile in the air. The butterfly, however, appears to be unfazed.


  1. Good for you! Most folks I know freak out at the thought of harmless (to us) snakes in the garden. I have no issue with them whatsoever. I'd much rather have the snakes then the mice and gophers!

  2. I love Oliver's green boots...they blend in nicely with the vegetable plants.

    Oh, to be a kid again and run around in just boots...

  3. We have started seeing our 'friends' the bull snakes in the past week. Unfortunately we also get a lot of rattlesnakes too, but in theory the bull snakes keep rattlesnakes away, so we are pleased they stay around.

  4. I have boots just like Oliver's!

  5. I'm so glad to see you have a healthy approach to nature and not the freak out that so many people have. You're a good influence!!

  6. I'm afraid that we are a family that freaks out at he site of a snake!!! We just don't like then and don't want them anywhere near us.

    Looks like someone is potty training! hehehe At least he won't have a farmer's tan! lol