Saturday, June 27, 2009


Glenn attended a beekeeping class last weekend. This was a class specifically for new beekeepers on the central coast of California (which we are), how lucky. The teacher, Jeremy Rose, owns The California Bee Company. Jeremy is not only a great teacher and beekeeper, he writes as well. He gave us all a copy of his yet to be published book about beekeeping in California. We have found it very interesting to read.

I was really happy to see the large turnout of new beekeepers. Backyard beekeeping seems to be getting big in our area. I would like to think we are trendy and hip, but for some reason I think this doesn't count. Oliver was the youngest student with Glenn coming in at a distant second.

For Father's Day I made Glenn and Oliver matching shirts. I was inspired by Barbara's Spot on the Blog, where she posted about a funny shirt she saw at a beekeeping convention.


  1. Yes, it counts! I think you guys are very hip and trendy and don't let anyone tell you otherwise - love those shirts :-)

  2. Those shirts are soooo cute!!!! How did you make them?????

  3. Aw, thanks Doris!

    Angela, we had the shirts made by a nice woman on etsy. I'm a bit annoyed they are missing punctuation, oh well!