Monday, November 9, 2009

Big News! We are Expecting...

Goat Babies! I'm so happy we are adding new babies to the family. And I don't even have to get nauseous or swollen (although I do feel for the goat moms). The goats are currently pregnant and will deliver in early Spring. Our house is about ten minutes from the farm, but I will be ready with my camera to try and capture the birth of our kids. We plan on getting two females and one male (who we will neuter). Later we will get one male from a different farm to breed with our females. Yesterday we went to visit the ladies and give them kisses. Here are some of my favorite shots.

This ram was wishing he could knock me over the entire time. Too bad for him there was a fence.

Our favorite goat, Lilly, died on Saturday night. She is the goat in the photograph below with short ears. She was a sweet girl and lived to be nine. As a tribute to her, I posted a picture of her great granddaughter below. She has got some strong genes!


  1. aw! goat babies, how fun :)
    all the best!

    ps - i'm here from the etsy forum!

  2. I've always loved goats. My uncle used to keep them. Get ready for feta cheese?

  3. Awesome! You know what I'd really like? Fainting goats... I'd be out there surprising those guys every 5 minutes... :)

  4. I am so glad I found this blog! I love the goats :) We have been wanting to get a couple dwarf or pygmies for our urban farm... And BEES are our very next hopeful project! A little bit of a challenge with the neighbors... keeping our fingers crossed though!

  5. That is so exciting!!! Are they from the farm you used to live at? Will you make tasty goat cheese?? Wish we were closer and could co-parent with you!

  6. I never even knew you had goats...aren't they cute? Looking at them always makes me laugh...I can't wait to find out what you will name them.

    What is it about rams that they have to always push things over ;-)


  7. Jessica, I told a buddy the other day that he should get some bees to go with his chickens -- and now I'll have to tell him to get some goats too! He said that he would be the only person he knew with chickens and bees -- but now goats are a must have! Good luck with the new "kids" coming along! Mark

  8. BB- Im trying to convince my wife that we need a goat. She loves the way they look but she has some reserves. We want a nigerian dwarf with a beard and we want to call him Yogi. One day we will get one I can't wait. Great Post!!!