Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stress Relief

Work was unusually stressful last week. Glenn found me under a blanket on the couch last night fretting about silly things. I decided today would be spent focusing on what really matters. I stayed in bed until ten reading to Oliver, kept my PJs on until two, and spent the rest of the day hanging out with my boys, the bees and the chickens. I feel like a human again. I had to remind myself life is actually about...

1. Teaching Oliver about bees.

2. Taking hundreds of pictures of the "flight path" and never getting a great shot.

3. Witnessing a bee being born (emerge from a cell).

4. Doing art in the backyard.

5. Finding a salamander when we weren't even trying.

6. This sweet face.

Now to top things off with a glass of wine and a movie. I love a wild Saturday night!


  1. That sounds like a GREAT day!!
    Hope the rest of the weekend is as wonderful!

  2. BB- I know stress can be a bear but at least you have things to redirect your energy as you work it out. Your family is beautiful!! And my wife and I love your PICS:)

  3. That's wonderful,'ve got the ticket. That's it right there: your family, your love, your heart!

    That's so amazing, watching a new bee emerge, wow!

    Hey, your order's in the mail. Can you let me know when it arrives, please?

    Have a great Sunday! I can't believe what long eyelashes your Oliver has (there must be a children's story in that statement somewhere) he, he, he.

  4. I see you still have emerging young bees. I think mine are probably settled in for the winter although it's been so cold, I daren't chance pulling frames. Once again, your photos are fantastic.

  5. Oliver is such a lucky little boy! He is going to have so many good memories of his childhood...

  6. Sue, ATW, Doris, Cliff and Jenn, thanks for the nice comments!

    Doris, I will let you know. Finger's crossed that it is coming today!

  7. I find many sorrows to be much lighter on the third day. A PJ day is always a great idea and how very theraputic to look at your photos of great memories and family times. That's where the real value is.

  8. I see Glenn and Oliver are rocking the buzzcuts! Very cool (and my own favorite too). Tell them fellow beek, Mark, said coooooooool! :)