Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oliver Update

This blog has been neglected recently due to my new obsession: craniosynostosis. I will be so happy when this seven-syllable word takes backstage to our normal lives. For those of you who want to keep updated on Oliver, we have started a CaringBridge page. Here is the link:

Oliver's Page

Surgery is scheduled for February 16 in Dallas, Texas. We are flying to Dallas for surgery because one of the best craniofacial teams in the United States is located there.

Oliver doesn't yet know he will be having surgery. We have been hiding our worries and tears (just mine; Glenn is going to get ulcers if he doesn't cry soon) and spelling out any suspicious words. We are going to tell him three days before surgery, so he has enough time to process the event. Glenn had surgery at the age of four as well and he keeps telling Oliver about his good hospital memories (such as his dad reading to him).

Here is Oliver on New Year's Eve, being silly as usual. Pearl is smiling at her funny brother.


  1. Hey Jessica! Just want to send you much love and positive thoughts. I worked all summer on a craniofacial team and saw a ton of craniosynostosis! I saw so many super amazing kiddos! With his awesome family, Oliver will be great!! Take care of the momma too and he'll be fine!

  2. I think you're doing everything right. I'm glad you have a good medical staff lined up and family support. I signed up for updates on Oliver's blog and will continue to read about his progress.

    Pearl is such a cute little baby - look at those
    boots, they're serious boots for a baby that small. I guess she's a hands-on baby and looks like she's going to chip in with the chores like everyone else.

    I will continue to pray for Oliver and you - I hope you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers every day!

    With love and the best wishes for a happy, healthy and blessed New Year!


  3. Sending you some super heavy positive vibes from the East coast! Jess, he's going to do great. Kids are so resilient, he'll bounce back in no time, then there will be more adventures for you all. When I was seven, my tonsils were in really bad shape, and they had to get me well enough to take them out. I hated nurses (I knew they were always had the needles) -- but the ones in the hospital treated me like a prince. It was an adventure. And it will be for Oli too. An ordeal for you, an adventure for him. Meantime, read all you can, learn everything you mind will absorb -- and breathe. You have the best team of specialists working with him. Hey, you can't get any better than that! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! -Mark

  4. Jessica...Just want you to know that I am still holiding positive thoughts and sending up prayers for All of You!

    I will go and check out your link right now.

    Hang in there Love...better days are coming and healthiness is on its way!

    Blessings and Much Love!
    Your Babes are Adorable!!!

  5. You guys are all so wonderful! Thank you, thank you!