Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Warm Winter Beach Day

Today was one of those rare days where we didn't have any plans, play dates, or appointments. Glenn had to work, so it was just me and the kids. I let Oliver choose what he wanted to do with our afternoon. "I want to show Pearl the beach!" Pearl is four and a half months old and had not yet felt the salty spray of the sea on her face or the mush of the sand between her toes. I loaded up all of the essentials in a beach bag and we headed down to Avila Beach where the weather was 76 degrees!

Oliver wanted to make sure we had all of Pearl's "beach firsts" captured on film. Here is "Pearl's first time with her toes in the sand."

Next we have "Pearl's first time with her toes in the ocean."

I captured "Pearl's first time watching the waves." I think she enjoyed watching her brother screaming with delight and running from the waves more than the actual waves.

The beach was a huge hit. It was therapeutic to sit in the warm sun with two happy children all afternoon. I felt so filled with gratitude for my family and deep contentment with my life as Pearl and I watched Oliver discover shells and rescue lady bugs (so much so that I felt like blogging instead of eating chocolate and moping).

Oliver was rewarded with an ice cream scoop for his great idea on this unusual January day!


  1. Jess: Wonderful pictures. But favor please? Could you send some of that wonderful, warm weather this way by the jet stream? I am so sick of cold weather and snow. I would be most appreciative for your help! Thank you!

  2. Stone Cottage MamaJanuary 17, 2011 at 6:43 AM

    And yes, please send me some of that sunshine too!

  3. Stone Cottage MamaJanuary 17, 2011 at 6:43 AM

    Best photos ever! Your kids are so adorable. And her hair! I love her hair!

  4. That's wonderful! It looks like you guys had the most perfect day! Those are the moments of your life! You've got that right, Jess, those are the things to remember! Great choice, Oliver, I would have wanted to go to the beach too - I miss it!

    All the best and you are always in my prayers!

    With love,
    Doris (and Gizzy)

  5. p.s. if I could bottle warm weather and mail it out, I'd be a millionaire...we have had some amazing sunshine and there's temps in the 80's ahead...only, I'm not done being cold yet!

  6. Man, your kids are cute, Jess! Sounds like a lovely day.

  7. Oh what a sight! Beaches and Babes! You can't get any better than this Jess! I so love Pearl's whispy strawberry hair...and Oliver looks so happy. Bless his heart...bless All of You! I hope Oliver is doing well...I think of you often and pray.
    In Love and Light!

  8. As it snows inches per hour (again...) here in Boston, I read this post and think to myself "wait.... Isn't it January there too??". Wicked jealous. Looks like a great day, much deserved!

  9. What an awesome big brother! Not only did he suggest the outing, but he captured all of those firsts for his little sis. I can't wait to see how their relationship grows with them :) My big brother just liked to use me as the scapegoat.

  10. I agree - please send some warmth our way! Love your new blog background, btw.

    I gave you a blogger award over on my site - go check it out!

  11. Huge hugs. Children are an endless source of worry joy and heartache. Thinking of you.

  12. I can see how behind I am on blog reading! I'm glad to see that Oliver had his surgery.

    I love the beach photos. My Mom says I ate a lot of sand my first time at the beach.. and yes she has photos of it too. LOL!

  13. If you are reading this and wonder where we have gone, please visit us at our new blog:

    We have been locked out of this blog! Jess and Glenn