Friday, August 7, 2009

He's Got Skills

Oliver won first place at the Mid State Fair for his Crab photograph. He got a check and a nice blue ribbon. I got a disgraceful honorable mention for my Thirsty Bee photograph, no ribbon, no check. Oliver wanted to know why he won and I didn't. "You must be the family photographer.," I said. Oliver took this information and decided he really is the best photographer. He now wants to use my camera and is often showing me how to take good pictures. This week Oliver may have finally convinced me that he has superior photographing skills. I might just listen the next time he tells me to get closer to my subject or advises me to get down in the dirt to capture a mushroom. Here are our fair photographs:

Below you will find an example of an Oliver versus Mommy shot. I was trying to take a good picture of Llewellyn in her cage for the blog.

Mommy's Shot:

Oliver's Shot:

As you can see Oliver's photograph is interesting and conveys more emotion. My picture focuses on the cage while Oliver's picture captures the essence of the chicken.

A few nights ago Oliver and I heard an owl in one of our oak trees. We went outside and quietly sat on a bench in the dark waiting to photograph the owl. Bats started flying close and for the hundredth time I tried to get a shot of one. They are so fast and impossible to see. I was excited to get this picture of a bat. Can you see it?

Oliver then asked if he could try to take a picture of the bats. I rolled my eyes and handed my camera over. He held the camera up took aim and as the flash went off we could both see a bat light up in the sky. "Oh my gosh! You actually got one!" We were both laughing as we ran to the house to download his picture. I just love it. I'm only a little jealous.


  1. I'm going to have to agree with you on this one, Jess... Oliver has you beat. I can see why you'd be just a tad jealous but I'm sure that's outweighed by pride. What a clever little guy he's turning out to be!

  2. They're both great. Yours is just more beautiful in 'special' sort-of way, while Oliver's is stupendous. Both great tho...;)

  3. What a talented boy! (He also has a talented mother!)

  4. Truth be told, yes the kid has talent! Oliver has a real eye for the camera. But I'm sure he gets that talent from his Mom :)

  5. Nice photos and I'm sorry to say that Oliver's got you beat - at least this time ;-)