Sunday, August 16, 2009

Llewelyn and Ethel

I thought I would give you an update about the progress of our kitchen table chickens.

Ethel, who was attacked by a fox two weeks ago, is still healing from her wounds. She started with three large lacerations, two on her back and one on her leg. The two on her back have healed completely but the one on her leg has slowly been closing. We have been doing daily wet to dry dressings on the advice of some of my nurse friends. It seems to be working but Ethel hates every moment of it. She actually pecks me when I change her dressing. I love her attitude.

We thought Llewelyn was a goner about a week ago. She was hardly able to move and would only drink when we syringe fed her. She has been on Bactrim for about a week and a half and has slowly regained her strength and balance. Both chickens live in the garden during the day, eating our vegetables and bugs, then move back to the kitchen table in the evening. Llewelyn and Oliver have a great time together. I took some pictures of the two of them this morning.

The morning started with a back massage.

Then Oliver sang to the girls (um, I think this might be something he picked up from me).

Oliver and Llewelyn went for a walk.

Oliver decided to take Llewelyn to his trampoline.

Llewelyn waited patiently while Oliver jumped.

Next the pair went over to the tire swing. Llewelyn enjoyed watching more than riding.

A little tree climbing?

Then back to the garden where Llewelyn helped Glenn (by eating bugs).


  1. I love these photos of a boy and his chicken:) Could Oli BE any cuter?!?!?

  2. How cute! Who knew that a chicken could be such a pet of sorts. I love all the photos. It looks like Oliver has a wonderful time of it!

  3. There is something very special about chickens and children that people who don't have both don't understand! What beautiful photos of such a fun relationship! Oliver is obviously very gentle with your girls.

  4. Love it!!! What a fun photographic adventure. Thanks for sharing. Aren't animals just the best? You get what you give...and then some!

    I enjoyed reading about the progress because I've often thought about your chickens :-)

  5. I love this story :) It just shows you that they aren't just bird brained birds.